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Connected lighting at your fingertips

Smart lighting can turn a good space into a great one.


Mornings – just like the natural morning sun – a smooth and steady increase in brightness can help you to wake up and enjoy a better start to the day.


Daytime – High light intensity and cooler colour temperatures imitate the midday sun, helping you to stay awake and fully focused.


Evenings – Natural evening light stimulates the release of melatonin and prepares you for a good night’s sleep. Lower light levels and warm colour temperatures support this biological effect.

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BMW Gregoir

Puurs, Bel

BMW Gregoir

Puurs, Bel

Faculty of Civil Engineering

University of Osijek, HR

Palazzo dei Congressi

Lugano, CH

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How lighting controls

LITECOM makes light more valuable

…turns a good office workspace into a great one:

  • Enhance motivation and the sense of well-being
  • Increase employee concentration
  • Cut energy costs

…turns a good shop into a great one:

  • Tailor shopping experiences to suit your customer limbic types
  • Increase the amount of time shoppers spend in your store
  • Generate more revenue

…turns a good industry environment into a great one:

  • Significantly reduce running costs
  • Make the working environment healthier and safer
  • Adapt your space quickly and easily for great flexibility

How smart buildings

LITECOM is the gateway to IoT solutions

…provide new insights and deliver real added value

Where there are people, there is light. So your lighting infrastructure is the perfect backbone for a smart building. Forming a key part of this network, LITECOM is the core interface that translates various sets of building data into usable information for any cloud system. This makes LITECOM a crucial enabler for internet-based Digital Services. You can gain better insights into the building infrastructure and learn more about user behaviour in the application. Find out how Digital Services can help you to improve your business – not only your lighting.

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